Donation visit to the elderly in Mende village , Wakiso district

Ages considered is a local Non-Government Organization working to support the most vulnerable persons especially the elderly, girls and women in both rural and urban areas of Uganda. In order to achieve its aspirations it uses participatory approaches in both mobilization, coordination and implementation. ACO believes that working with like-minded persons and people of good will, it can change lives of such vulnerable persons.

The elderly persons are very needy and vulnerable but often left out in development interventions and yet lack almost all basic needs to live a happy life. Most of them are sickly, weak and can barely do any work to survive or take care of themselves. It is worse for those that live alone because they lack any one to support them with household chores or provide them with household items that enable them live a happy life. These elderly in most cases lack company and psycho-social support and only live waiting for their time of death. Its against this back ground that Ages considered organized a needs assessment but at the same time a donation visit to the elderly in Mende village , Wakiso district.  This was aimed to reach out to the most vulnerable among the elderly. These were to be supported with various household items like clothes, shoes, bed sheets, basins, sugar, soap and many other household items but also to pick basic information about what are the most pressing needs in their lives and communities for which ACO can develop proposals to fund raise for them.

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