There are many challenges which have emerged from the Country lockdown since mid-March. These among others include; closure of businesses, schools, transport system, and imposed curfew hours. This has directly affected the marginalized groups of people most especially women and children. Limiting people to move has denied people a chance to look for food, access health facilities, paying back of loans. For the mothers that have tried to sell food stuffs to feed their families have been brutally punished.  Indirectly women are also psychologically being traumatized with the fact that they cannot access medical facilities with ease, especially pregnant women. There is also rise in domestic violence due to the fact that men spend a lot of time at home and the fact that they cannot provide for their families.  To date (17th/06/2020) a total of 724 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uganda have been confirmed by the Ministry of Health. This has continued to create panic and fear as well as prolonging restrictions on the movement of people by government. This has led to a continued economic emergency leading to continued collapsing of businesses and social well-being. Details


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