Yesterday, Mr. Andrew Tebandeke had the honour and pleasure to meet Konrad Hirsch, Nyanjura Doreen, the Deputy Lord mayor of the Ugandan capital kampala, at a joint dinner. She is a member of the board of the Forum for Democratic Change, Uganda’s second largest opposition party, and one of the country’s best-known human and women’s rights activists.

Previously, she had taken part in the “Forum for international Politics” in Dresden and gave a speech at the reception of Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. The topics discussed included the concept of “universal human rights” in the context of Uganda and the role of international and local actors. The consideration of the human rights situation in Uganda is particularly relevant now that the Saxon state government has decided in its recent cabinet meeting to establish closer cooperation with Uganda. During Doreen’s stay in Dresden, she spoke about women’s and worker’s rights and her activities as an opposition politician and activist as part of a lecture at the Institute for international law at the Technical University of Dresden. I am pleased about the TU Dresden’s commitment, because at German Universities human rights are often dealt with primarily from the perspective of the Global North.

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