Food & Nutrition

A productive, sustainable and resilient agricultural sector is key to safeguarding food security all over the world. Traditionally, agricultural interventions have focused on increasing food production and raising incomes to reduce malnutrition, hunger and poverty. Although this remains part of a valid approach, it is now recognized that higher levels of production and income alone have limited impact on improving nutrition, and a more comprehensive approach is necessary to optimize agriculture’s contribution to good nutrition and make agriculture nutrition sensitive.

The Right to Food is a human right. Yet more than 793 million people worldwide are currently suffering from hunger and chronic malnutrition. Malnutrition takes many forms: undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, and obesity and being overweight. Undernutrition is the largest contributor to child mortality worldwide, and nearly 25 per cent of children under 5 are chronically malnourished.

Malnutrition blights lives and undercuts social and economic development. Children who are chronically malnourished in the critical first thousand days beginning at conception can suffer irreversible damage to their physical and mental development.

Ages Considered aims at developing and promoting innovative strategies to ensure food security and prevent under-nutrition and malnutrition through targeted focus on:

  1. policy framework for the concrete implementation of the Right to Food and access to land and natural resources;
  2. strategies for sustainable food security and general education in nutritional issues in rural and urban areas, with a particular view to the important role of women;
  3. Sustainable agricultural production and strategies of the agricultural sector to adapt to climate change, as well as the development of a bioenergy and bio-economy sector that is closely linked to food security issues.

Your diet, or what you eat, has a huge impact on your general health in both mind and body. But conflicting information is everywhere about what you should eat, and it is hard to work out what’s best for you. At Ages Considered we explain and also suggest how you can adopt a healthy, balanced diet that will help you to feel good.

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