Thematic Areas

1. Education, Youth & Families

AGEs CONSIDEREDdelivers new insights and solutions that support families and help young children, youth and adults succeed at school and in the workforce from local governments to national programs. Education helps people succeed. That’s why we find ways to make education fulfill its promise, with emphasis on helping disadvantaged and underrepresented students from early childhood to adulthood and. We work with local policymakers and education professionals determine which policies and programs work and suggest how to fix what doesn’t. we also support and take action on behalf of the most vulnerable children, adults and other marginalized groups of people in developing skills and obtaining resources for them.

2. Environment & Energy

AGES CONSIDERED is committed to solving environmental challenges in a complex world. Our work contributes to improved water quality, cleaner air, and safer drinking water, less hazardous chemical products, increased resilience to climate change, and less risky dams and levees. Our team includes economists, scientists, programmers, environmental modelers, and public health professionals.

3. Agriculture and Food Security.

We provide services so that farmers contribute to economic growth, nutrition improves for all, and livelihoods for women and men expand. We build on the pillars of food security- availability, access to and consumption of food within stable systems. Our approaches are nutrition-sensitive, market-oriented, and climate-smart. We work with and for smallholder farmers, entrepreneurs, civil society, associations and government.

4. Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

We promote gender equality and social inclusion. Gender equality and social inclusion are cross-cutting issues in health, economic empowerment, agriculture and other sectors. Across its programming, AGES CONSIDERED seeks to rigorously and consultatively identify gender and other social determinants of well-being within each local context. We integrate them into project design to address the impact of activities on all members of society. We are to further this cause through advocating for laws that promote women emancipation, monitoring and evaluate such services to benefit the population.

5. Governance & Justice

We promote good Governance and Justice. Effective, responsive and accountable institutions build the foundation for inclusive, sustainable development. We are to support governance processes that reach for these goals. We are to enable and equip leaders, coalitions and groups to lead change. Our investments in local staff, networks and partnerships develop solutions that are technically sound – and politically feasible.

6. Health

AGES CONSIDERED pioneers research into what causes these health problems and delivers solutions. We work with private and public providers to ensure access to quality care for medical issues ranging from reproductive and maternal health to malaria to family planning. Our one goal: improving people’s health. We promote awareness on SRHR/maternal health as well as creating access to services in the same. We provide health/AIDS awareness especially to the orphans and people living with AIDS through counseling and guiding. We also provide cancer awareness, screening counseling and guiding to the marginalized persons in urban, peri-urban and rural settlements.

7. Housing, Communities & Asset Building

AGES CONSIDERED is at the forefront of the effort to ensure everyone has that most basic of human needs: safe, decent and affordable housing. A safe, healthy home in a strong, sustainable community undergirds a good life. The right mix of practices and policies extends these conditions to more people. AGES CONSIDERED helps shape housing and community revitalization practices and policy.

8.Workforce & Economic Mobility

AGES CONSIDERED Associates conducts groundbreaking research and provides technical assistance to support work and family well-being in Uganda. Our studies and technical assistance have helped people gain skills for family-sustaining jobs, strengthened the healthcare workforce, and increased employment for those with disabilities and improved cash assistance and social insurance. To achieve inclusive economic growth, we have focused on small business financial services; industry sector needs assessments, women’s economic empowerment and the promotion of trade and investment.


We promote safe Water production, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) best practices among schools, hospitals and in rural and urban communities for target populations.

10. Grant Management

We accept, receive and administer money, grants and property by way of subscription, donations, contributions and gifts with authority to spend money for the objectives of the company, or cooperate with other organization in delivering assistance to communities to achieve these objectives.

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